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Heat Exclusive: Fiend Returns with Motivate Chu Video

Friday, December 16th, 2016

Grammy nominated/BMI songwriting award winner Fiend returns with his latest mixtape installment “1st Rolex”. Contrary to popular belief, the rapsy emcee is not literally referring to owning the high-end chronograph. “First Rolex is that first aha moment. That first experience in your own life that you really consider to be special,” said Fiend to the Heat Magazine.  

A No-Limit Records superstar, Fiend also known as International Jones, carries the moniker Mr. Whomp Whomp and Capital FI as a badge of honor. During his humble beginnings, he became professionally known as Fiend due to his love for rapping and writing lyrics. Coincidentally, he pays homage to Rakim, who many refer to as the GOAT, and his classic hit “Microphone Fiend”.

The Heat Magazine had the opportunity to chop it up with Fiend prior to the release of his new Jet Life hosted mixtape. He wanted to lace our readers with his new video “Motivate Chu”, directed by Dexstr8dope.  The multi-faceted artist has been in a reflective mind state lately and his thoughts are accentuated musically. “I’m in a good place mentally. I have clarity on a lot of things in life.”

For all the true Fiend fans and lovers of hip hop, check out the new soulful spectacle here:


Heat Exclusive: Brass-A-Holics On The Move

Tuesday, May 10th, 2016


Since 2010, the Brass-a-Holics have been taking their unique sound around the world. Steeped in the deep musical culture of New Orleans, the band brings a heavy dose of go-go funk to the New Orleans brass sound. In a blending of musical cultures stemming from cities separated by more than a thousand miles, a Brass-a-Holics live show takes the New Orleans brass band culture and infuses it with the electricity of Washington D.C.’s go-go. The resulting sound is both captivating and unique. The band consists of core New Orleans brass elements- trumpet, trombone, saxophone- and adds a full drum set, percussion, keyboard, bass an electric guitar, giving the band limitless options to explore new sonic territory.

Whether performing their original music or using the framework of hit pop songs as springboards for fiery improvisations, there is something in the set to appeal to every music fan. Once the music starts, the demographics blend and a brand new experience is created- one that leaves one-of-a-kind memories that live on long after the last note.

The Heat Magazine has been on the horn with Winston Turner and keeping up with the latest developments within this high-end brass band phenomenon. We wanted our readers to be aware of the tour dates and more. Ranging from gigs at The Blue Nile in New Orleans to the Jazz Fest, the Brass-A-Holics permeate the United States and overseas with their sound.

Their upcoming gigs include the Charleston Pourhouse in South Carolina followed by an appearance at the Whitewater River Jam in North Carolina. (May 11th and May 12th) From there, the Brass-A-Holics head to Washington, D.C. on June 4th at The Hamilton.

The show continues in New Jersey at Michael Arnone’s Crawfish Festival.

Find out more about this intriguing group below:

Video EPK:






HEAT WORLDWIDE EXCLUSIVE: Mac speaks on his music career and more!

Sunday, March 27th, 2016


Never judge a book by its cover, says wisdom. The lack of building a relationship with a person or having the luxury of being familiar with a unique individual could cause one to err. This has been the case for the former No Limit recording artist Mac. It started years before and Mac evolved info a camouflage army jacket-wearing emcee rocking timberland boots and listening to his headphones. His daily regimen is where his lyrical practice manifested. Leading him to becoming an integral asset to the hip hop group Psycho Ward and making strides globally via “Mac and Storm”, the rhyme-spitter caught the attention of Def Jam and No Limit mogul Master P.  The Uptown lyricist spent plenty days sharing rhymes with colleagues. With an attitude full of good spirited intentions, Mac catapulted as a deserving talent.
As life goes sometimes, he was impacted by legal
obstacles (Imprisonment) and currently in process of overcoming this adversity. The Heat Magazine had an opportunity to conduct a special interview with Mac. Our goal is to keep our readers in direct connection with Mac as well as allow Mac to give the world factual updates on his music and future. Here’s what’s really good with Mac:


The Heat Magazine: It’s such a pleasure to speak with you my brother. Could you share with our readers what we can expect from Mac musically in the future?

Mac: Musically, fans can expect a combination of old and new. I’m what I like to call a classic Hip Hop fan, so I honor the past while also driving the future. If that makes sense! 😋

Until now, the brothers in prison have been unable to get my music, so I worked out a deal with this digital distributor to make it accessible to them.

The Heat Magazine: Considering all the changes in music, what are your plans as it relates to the creative process?

Mac: My creative process is pretty much the same. It always involves water for some odd reason. Its been that way since I was a kid. Songs come to me when I’m either in the shower, on the toilet, at the water fountain, etc. It’s weird, but it has always worked out that way.

The Heat Magazine: Everyone will want to work with you. I’m certain Fiend, KLC, Mystikal, Devious, Mannie Fresh, Cise HD, Arlene Culpepper, Master P, and others will be there to work with you. Are you planning on doing features with your colleagues or are you planning on doing solo work only?

Mac: I definitely plan to work with some of the folks that I’ve done music with in the past. I believe that the next album I record will be the best, so I want the people who’ve contributed to my career to share in its glory!

The Heat Magazine: Are there any albums online that you want your fans to purchase at the present moment?

Mac: Coming Soon is “The Best Of Mac,” and “Archives,” both hosted by DJ Hektik.

The Heat Magazine: What advice or wisdom do you want to share with the youth of today?

Mac: As for advice to the youth, I only have this to say, “Prison Sucks!” 😋

The Heat Magazine: New Orleans misses you. What would you like to tell them?

Mac: New Orleans can’t possibly miss me as much as I miss her! I’ve traveled around the world, and I’ve never been to a place quite like it. I’ve heard alot of brothers in prison from the N.O. over the years say things like, “I can’t go back to the city, ’cause the city put me in here.” I always tell them that I disagree with that concept. If you’re a crackhead and you move to the moon, you’ll find crack there. You can’t run from yourself. The city has made me everything that I am.

The Heat Magazine: Your style is immersed in lyrical skill. Have you evolved or altered your style?

Mac: I believe I have. I’ve learned more about myself, and I think the songs I write now are a reflection of that growth.

The Heat Magazine: New Orleans is known for its food and culture. Tell the world about your favorite New Orleans dish.

Mac: My favorite N.O. dish is Jambalaya! I can eat it seven days a week!

The Heat Magazine: Have you received any record deal offers recently?

Mac: Surprisingly, I can’t remember any record deal offers.

The Heat Magazine: This interview wouldn’t be exclusive if I didn’t ask you to share a few lyrics. If you don’t mind, let the world see what’s been going on with you with the pen and the pad.

Mac: They’ll see what they’ve missed once I return, stay tuned.


For more information send email to

Mckinley Phipps, 00445656, Louisiana Department Of Corrections at



Heat Exclusive: Fiend facilitates philanthropic event for Flint, Michigan

Monday, March 21st, 2016

This past Saturday while vibing, the homie Fiend reached out and we engaged in a heartfelt conversation. After catching up and discussing the latest acts as it relates to concerts, my new video, and recent collaborations between the two of us, Fiend chimed in and started to speak on an important issue.

Fiend: I wanted to hit you up and personally invite you and Eric out tonight. I’m participating in an event to help out our people in Michigan.

The Heat Magazine: What do you have going on?

Fiend: I have a venue on Port St. It’s a cozy venue. The cover is ten dollars or two cases of water. Dee, we have performers and several other cities are doing this in their city simultaneously to help out Michigan.

The Heat Magazine: Wow, that’s what’s up fam. How did you get involved?

Fiend: Dee, it’s an opportunity for us to give back. It’s our way of showing good people that we care and because we have experienced Hurricane Katrina and the whole U.S. reached out to us, then it’s necessary that we show love also. I just want Michigan to know that we care in New Orleans. I want them to know NOLA artists understand because we’ve been in that type of situation.

The Heat Magazine: Tell us more about the event. This is great Fiend.

Fiend: Vlad TV, Hip Hop Dx, and other top sites will broadcast the event and the whole world will see. And if people can’t make it, they can still donate. If you and Eric don’t make it, I know y’all there in spirit.

The Heat Magazine: We will do everything we can to support you big homie.

Fiend, Mr. Marcelo, Corner Boy P, Tokyo Vanity, and others performed for the cause.

All proceeds are going towards 250 homes in Flint, Michigan water crisis . To make monetary and water filter donations, please direct towards:
Prince of Peace Church
1417 Stevenson St.
Flint, MI. 48504
Attention: HipHop4Flint
Make checks payable to:
Prince of Peace Church/HipHop4Flint


HEAT EXCLUSIVE Interview: Deep Conversation with S-8ighty

Tuesday, January 5th, 2016




Known for his production in New Orleans, the multi-talented S-8ighty is making moves globally. If you’ve listened to the radio or visited a nightclub, then you’ve probably heard the melodic anthem “Halfway” which gradually grew into a smash hit in New Orleans and surrounding areas. As a result, the Zero to 60 Entertainment artist recently landed a deal with Universal/Republic. The single was released nationally on December 18th. The Heat Magazine wanted to share a contextual feature and allow our audience to get an inside look at the man behind the music.

The Heat Magazine: How did you meet the executives from Zero to 60 Entertainment?

S-8ighty: They reached out to me to do some production work for their artist Supa Blanco back in 2010 and it’s been history ever since.


S-8ighty, Fatt Mack, Charles “Lefty” Smith, and Fee Combs

The Heat Magazine: Tell us about the previous releases that led to this great accomplishment for you?

S-8ighty: Well there were plenty releases in the past with production by me or  doing a few hooks for people that got my name bubbling but it took for me to become my own artist for everything to finally start moving in the right direction.

The Heat Magazine: Halfway is considered r&b and it is catchy. Is there any particular reason you gave it a bounce feel?

S-8ighty: I made the record for New Orleans from the jump. I’ve just been blessed for it to continue to go as far as it has.

The Heat Magazine: Tell us about the deal with Universal/Republic. How did they find out about you and your music?

S-8ighty: Basically,  the numbers I was doing online and the response from radio.   When they called down to the city, everyone vouched for me and my label.

The Heat Magazine: What can we expect in 2016 from you and Zero to 60 Entertainment?



S-8ighty: New music, new music, new music! (Laughs)

The Heat Magazine: What artists and producers inspire you?

S-8ighty: Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones, Kanye West, Timbaland, Pharrell , Mannie Fresh, Hot Boys, Jay Z, Just Blaze, too many to name.   I’m influenced by great work period. (Laughs)

The Heat Magazine: We understand that you are a graduate of Eleanor McMain, the same school Lil Wayne and Cortez Bryant attended. Were you in the band?

S-8ighty: Yes,  I went there and no I wasn’t a member of the band.   I always get asked that question and people are surprised I didn’t play in the band. (Laughs)

The Heat Magazine: Whenever one speaks of New Orleans, food and culture tend to be popular topics. What is your favorite dish from New Orleans and what do you love the most about New Orleans culture?

S-8ighty: I can’t say one favorite thing from New Orleans is my favorite.   I’ve been all over the world and the most culture and best food is right here from my home city !!!!!

The Heat Magazine: With any accomplishment, responsibility comes into play. What advice would you give to upcoming artists?

S-8ighty: The only way to not make it is to quit.

The Heat Magazine: What is the most important thing you want the supporters to know about S-8ighty as an artist and as a person?

S-8ighty: I’m more than any category you put me in and I’ve been working for so long to get here that I will try my best to not drop the ball.   As a person, I’m thankful for all support I receive. It’s a hard world to please and I don’t take anything or anyone for granted.

The Heat Magazine gives kudos to Zero to 60 Entertainment for their efforts as a record label and salutes S-8ighty on his accomplishments. As far as the single “Halfway”, it is a compelling record. In a world where values are diminishing, it’s a breath of fresh air to hear a song that advocates compromise and loyalty in a relationship.

The Heat is extra proud because we were there to see Universal/Republic executives check out a live performance by S-8ighty. Their milestone achievement is a victory for New Orleans and a manifestation that dreams actually come true.

Download here:

Halfway – Single by S-8ighty

For more information, follow S-8ighty at @S_8ighty on Twitter.

Kevin Gates Names Album After Eldest Daughter, On Deck For Islah Tour and Album

Monday, December 28th, 2015


BWA/Atlantic recording artist Kevin Gates just completed the first leg of his tour “Islah”.  Starting November 14th and ending December 8th, Gates performed at mostly sold out shows. As our readers and the world awaits his album which will be released January 29th, Gates will be back on the second leg of his tour on that day in his hometown Baton Rouge.
After multiple successful mixtapes, features, and singles, the manifestation of “getting it out the mud” will become a reality. The Heat Magazine will keep you posted on the developments related to Kevin Gates and his accomplishments.
Check out two of his latest videos from the upcoming album, “Islah,” which is named after his eldest daughter and a female relative.

Preorder his album on iTunes
Islah by Kevin Gates

66 Raw and Patchwerk Studios Give Upcoming Artists a Real Opportunity

Monday, December 28th, 2015


It is the dream of any aspiring artist to receive an opportunity to make it in the music industry. Often, dreams are deferred due to a lack of connections or knowledge of the intricate aspects of the music business. 66 Raw and Patchwerk Recording Studios recognize the struggle for upcoming artists and as a result they partnered to create a great competition. The Heat Magazine wanted to inform our upcoming artists that follow our efforts. Join the movement today and take a step out on faith.

66 Raw Radio & Patchwerk Recording Studios present the 50/50 Artist / Producer Competition:

1st Place Prize for Producer & Artist:
A Complete Single and Digital Distribution Deal by the countries most renown recording studios: Patchwerk Recording Studios
This includes the following:
* 2 Hrs of tracking and vocal sessiong with a tracking engineer
* 4 Hrs of Mixiing and Studio time with a Patchwerk Mixing Engineer
* 4 Hrs of Mastering at Patchwerk Mastering Studios
* 200 Duplicated CD’s with On CD Printing
* Fully Paid Travel & Lodging to Atlanta (Airfare, Hotel, Transportation to/from Studio/Hotel)
* A Private Listening Party with performing your single at the studio with special invited A&R, Bloggers and Press for coverage
* Patchwerk Paperwerk – all copyright paperwork service
* You will get UPC & IRSC code
* Registration of Single with BDS, Mediabase, etc music monitoring services which track radio and internet websites
* Copy of your ProTools Session
* Digital Distribution to Amazon, iTunes, Tidal, IHeartRadio, plus many more.
Airplay on 66 Raw Radio global network
Interview on 66 Raw Radio

Are you an artist or producer and wish you could get recognized and get the push you need to make it to stardom?

Only a $100 registration fee will put you in the competition, upload your profile and music then you can promote your profile to gain the most votes for 6 weeks. The winners are the ones with the most votes that they were able to gather. No judges, no bias, simply your work, peers and talent is what will make the difference. So if you get a lot of likes on social media it will be no different just you need to get the most likes on your music.

Plus the winners will be able to perform their single in front of the entertainment movers and shakers as well as network. This is a priceless opportunity for those that are dedicated and are serious about their music career.

HEAT EXCLUSIVE: Adele and her connection to New Orleans

Sunday, December 27th, 2015


Adele releases new album, 25, and she continues to reign as a mega superstar. Unlike most music reviews, the Heat Magazine brings our readers an exclusive and intriguing connection between Adele and the city known for laissez les bon temps rouler. The English songbird is a favorite in New Orleans.
Although Adele did not necessarily need any help, New Orleans continues to lead the way in improvisation and rare creativity. A fairly new arrangement that couples the main body of a song with energy filled percussions, ad libs, and blends, New Orleans sustains a genre known as bounce. Unlike the origin of this Nola-bred style that has permeated the musical world globally, Adele is within a new way of creating bounce.
It all started with her chart-topping “Rolling in The Deep,” which made history being the highest selling song by a female artist. So where does New Orleans fit in? As Mannie Fresh states in a NPR interview, “In New Orleans, we bounce out everything”.
The Heat Magazine wanted to share this fusion of Adele with the up-tempo flavor from New Orleans. We are certain Adele has established a high level of success with millions and millions of record sales. Therefore, bounced out versions of her music may not come as a surprise. However, these examples of musical synthesis are quite different from the average mashup or remix.
It’s highly possible for listeners to gravitate to the new versions more than the original. Take a listen at two of Adele’s top hits “Rolling In The Deep” and “Hello” mixed with one of New Orleans recipes.

Heat Exclusive: New Orleans Rap Artists Are On The Move

Friday, December 25th, 2015

2015 leading into 2016, New Orleans urban artists are active as ever. Eclectically, rap artists from the “Big Easy” gain steam on a national scale with reputable releases.
The Heat Magazine documents the current work and releases of a few of these Nola artists that have offered significant bodies of art for our readers to enjoy.
What makes these artists different? Each artist has a distinct sound and style. From lyrics to music, all of these artists are unique in their own way.
What makes these artists similar? The hustle mentality and New Orleans culture is evident in their music.
The Heat Magazine wanted to highlight the efforts of these artists as they complete a mission without even recognizing it. New Orleans hip hop roster is back with an energy that should account for several great songs and albums in the next few months and years.

Leading the way is Curren$y with his new album “Canal Street Confidential” feat the hit single “Bottom of The Bottle” featuring Lil Wayne and August Alsina. Curren$y doesn’t stop there. He goes on to link with Future, his homie Wiz Khalifa, K Camp, Lloyd, Ty Dolla Sign, Fiend, and Corner Boy P. Curren$y has something for the multi-audience to vibe to.


Canal Street Confidential (Deluxe) by Curren$y

Next up is S-8ighty and his radio/club hit “Halfway” which recently released on Universal Republic. This single has been covered by brass musicians, violinists, and has become a mainstay. Zero to 60 Entertainment, S-8ighty, and Good Money Global continue to release good music for all crowds to enjoy.


Halfway – Single by S-8ighty

Then, we have Young Greatness with “Moolah” produced by Jazze Pha making headlines as a hit and artist to watch. Young Greatness has been busy dropping jewels with Wale’ and several other notable national artists.

Young Greatness-Moolah

Young Greatness-Moolah

Moolah – Single by Young Greatness

Remaining consistent in 2015, Devious returns with a full length album,”Against All Odds”, produced by Cise HD, Niyo of Flight School, and BlaqnMild, featuring the hits “This Life That I Lead”, “Can’t Imagine Myself” feat Kango Slim, “You Sleep Out Here” feat Kevin Gates and “Take The Pain Away” feat Christian Radke. This album is clean from start to finish, musically definitive, and an easy listen for all audiences.

Devious "Against All Odds"

Devious “Against All Odds”

Against All Odds by Devious

Hollygrove Keem and Jay Jones of 0017th hook up with Fetty Wap on “The Zoo” and gain national attention with their collaboration. The beat and lyrics will bring a crowd to the floor or the trap.
Following, they released a hot anthem paying homage to Leonard Fournette. The single made its way to LSU stadium.


The Zoo (feat. Fetty Wap) – Single by Hollygrove Keem & Jay Jones

Sess 4-5 returns with a radio/club hit “Breakfast in Bed” and remains consistent featuring Detroit, 6 War Pook, and Young Sino. Sess 4-5 continues to serve the audience with engaging sounds and feel good music.


Breakfast in Bed – Single by Sess 4 5, 6 War Pook & Young Sino


Friday, July 24th, 2015


My experience at “BOOGALOU” Lounge and restaurant in Atlanta was phenomenal. Not only was I welcomed and treated with the up most respect, but I was also treated like family. The atmosphere there is so laid back and relaxed. The music and food was off the chain. If you had a bad day at home, work, school, etc that’s the place to be. You can let your hair down, up, sideways it doesn’t matter. They still will treat you the same. The only place where you can actually  swing at the bar & drink at the same time. Each employee have their own personalities and allowed to be themselves. No uptight, I hate my job type of people, just whole hearted good down to earth people. The food is amazing and the price is not hard on the pockets for this to be a very classy upscale place. You would think you’d pay a lot and still be hungry when you leave, but the menu have a great variety of things from $5 to $25. They also have any flavor hookah that you want, for those that really likes to relax. For this place to have just opened on Christmas day 2013, it is now one of the hottest spots in Atlanta. No advertising just word of mouth & social media. Now that’s says volume all by itself. If your ever in the “A”, you should go by and check them out for yourself 239 Ponce De Leon Atlanta, GA or look them up online You won’t regret it please believe me! My thoughts of the day

20150723_194856  20150723_210936