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Ghetto Twiinz “Keep That Same Energy” On New Mixtape

Monday, October 15th, 2018

The Ghetto Twiinz kick off the fourth quarter in the music industry with a timely mixtape, “Keep That Same Energy”. In a world where social media causes many to wear “two faces”, the GTZ admonish those with “twitter fingers” to maintain that same image in real life. Mixed and engineered by Cise HD of Big Boy Records, this project is sonically on point. Additionally, The Ghetto Twiinz assert their solidified position in urban music. They are no strangers to the game.

The South’s leading female rap duo, the Ghetto Twiinz, Ms GB (born Tonya Jupiter) and T.L.T (Tremethia Jupiter), grew up in the notorious 9th Ward of New Orleans, Louisiana. The identical twins were introduced to rap in their teens by neighbors, who performed on street corners of the 9th Ward. The duo inked their first record deal with Eazy E’s Ruthless Records based out of Compton, California. At Ruthless Records, the duo worked with the D.O.C. and Dr. Dre, but the album was never released due to the highly publicized differences between Dr. Dre and Eazy E.

After being released from Ruthless Records, the duo returned to New Orleans and made their rounds in the area performing at local gigs and gong shows. The Ghetto Twiinz soon garnered a strong following. While working the New Orleans music circuit, the sisters met Leroy “Precise” Edwards, the then owner of the independent label, Big Boy Records. The duo signed on with Big Boy records and that began a close working relationship between Leroy “Precise” Edwards and the twins.

The female rap duo enjoyed regional success with their first album release while working with producer and Big Boy Records owner, Leroy “Precise” Edwards on Surrounded by Criminals. The album included the now classic songs such as the female anthem Mama’s Hurtin and the club banger Got It On My Mind. The Ghetto Twiinz followed Leroy “Precise” Edwards to Houston on his new venture, at Rap-A-Lot Records, with southern rap music mogul J Prince. The move to Texas would establish the Ghetto Twiinz as one of the South’s foremost female rap duos thus paving the way for other southern female rappers such as Mia X and Gangsta Boo, both successful artists.

Under Rap-A-Lot Records, the Ghetto Twiinz released three albums. The first, In That Water became the most commercially successful album of their careers with a strong social message in the narrative lead single, “Responsibility”. The album made it to the 36th position on Billboard’s Top R&B/Hip Hop Charts. The female duo recorded two additional albums with Rap-A-Lot Records. No Pain No Gain was star-studded effort filled with guest appearances from No Limit’s Mia X and fellow Rap-A-Lot cronies Tela, Yukmouth, Willie D and Scarface. It would also reach Billboard’s Top R&B/Hip Hop Charts at number 37. The duo would also go on to score songs on movie soundtracks and compilations which included, No Limit’s, I’m Bout It. Scarface’s, My Homies and J Prince Presents: R.N.D.S.

So now they return with a compelling set of compositions that will rattle your trunk and electrify the listener. Keep That Same Energy defines how seasoned artists can touch on life in a variety of ways and still stay “piped up” creatively.

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[NEW MUSIC] Da Foundation – “AMMO” ft Future | @Da_Foundation

Thursday, October 4th, 2018

Emerging Hip Hop Duo, Da Foundation just landed their first major feature with Multi-Platinum Recording Artist, Future. The new release, “Ammo” is raising many questions about the collaboration.

Da Foundation is a hip-hop/rap duo comprised of brothers – Mustaiin (“Mu Smoova”) and Malcolm (“Mile Casso”) Lawrence that formed in summer 2009. Mu considers himself a thinker, the quiet one with an uncanny militant streak that demands attention. Casso, on the other hand, is dynamic, active, and always ready for a challenge. But make no mistake – Casso is an amiable and approachable guy. The pair’s personalities complement each other brilliantly, creating a powerful energy that propels them toward success.

Smoova and Casso were drawn to the art of hip-hop, an enticing tableau of music, hustle, and freedom from debts and poverty. In a matter of months, and with the collaboration of various booking agencies, Da Foundation went from performing on open mic nights to winning showcases to headlining their shows. “We grind from a state of poverty, so we give you our all. The people should know we took no shorts and never considered ourselves too big for any opportunity,” says the duo. The release of “Alleyway to Broadway” encapsulated the hustle and hype that defines their musical journey They moved up the hip-hop charts with their award-winning single from the project, impacting radio with worldwide airplay and earning a spot on the Top 50 Independent Artists in the U.S.

In 2016, Da Foundation released the EP entitled “MoneyNevaSleeps” following the release with a self-funded promo tour of the same name. Despite their rapid rise in the music industry, the brothers remember that nothing came easy for them.

Dedication, faith, strength, and talent have formed the rungs of the ladder to success. But one thing is clear: Da Foundation doesn’t care about the fame. They want to spread their inspiration. Lastly, Da Foundation seems not to show any signs of slowing down, “This is just one of many to come.”

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Tuesday, October 2nd, 2018
Hip-Hop Artist, J-Mane overcomes the adversities of “The Struggle”

J-Mane has seen many struggles throughout his life and desires change. Phillip Jermane Allen – also known as J-Mane, is an up and coming hip-hop artist out the underbelly of small rural West Virginia. Allen was born February 4th, 1988 in White Sulphur Spring to parents, Penny Allen and Jay Jones.

The term “music is the entry to the soul” sits with the young J-Mane. It wasn’t always his passion to still make music. When he was younger, he had another passion that he wanted to carry him to the road of success, football. He had dreams of making it pro and coming out of the struggle. The struggles became more of a reality when he got older.

In 2007, Allen’s world changed completely. His mother, Penny Allen, got sick and lost her fight. Young Allen is merely just coming out of high school at the age of 18, and he didn’t know what to think. Sadness, anger, many emotions were running through his head. During his emotional rollercoaster, he gained a DUI charge, and this was when his mindset changed his whole perspective. Phillip turned to football and envisioned success as his way to make his momma proud. In 2015, his dreams fulfilled when he went to the west coast and signed with an AFL (Arena Football League) team. Shortly after signing with the team- his nightmare began. The interim coach lost his position, and his contract voided. Back on the struggle, J-Mane tried to think of ways to cope. Music became the answer. He was able to speak his story and help inspire others. His path appears to be finally set.


What’s next for J-Mane?

J-Mane, with inspirations from the death of his mother, family, friends, and the overall struggle of life, began his journey into the hip-hop scene. His story speaks for itself with hard times, conflict and poverty. His vision is evident. He aims to reach new heights and change the world with his music. His most recent single, “Proof,” featuring ex D-Block member J-Hood is the prime example of struggle in his life. The record speaks on his story of hardships. The truth that J-Mane speaks is something that everyone can identify. J-Mane is here to stay and is the next face of the hip-hop community.

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SiriusXM will acquire Pandora for $3.5 billion to create world’s largest audio entertainment company

Monday, September 24th, 2018

It’s the perfect climate for big deals and it looks like another media company is looking to seize the opportunity. SiriusXM on Monday morning announced that it plans to acquire Pandora in an…

Source: SiriusXM will acquire Pandora for $3.5 billion to create world’s largest audio entertainment company

Walmart Employees goes on rant

Wednesday, September 19th, 2018

Woman arrested for selling marijuana edibles at church event

Tuesday, September 18th, 2018

Savannah (WTGS/FOX 28) – Two women face felony drug charges after agents with the Chatham-Savannah Counter Narcotics Team found they were selling marijuana edibles at a church event in Savannah, Georgia. Agents say Ebony Cooper, 28, and Leah Pressley, 26, were openly selling the THC laced baked goods at an event on Friday that the church was hosting for local entrepreneurs. They say there were various types of cereal treats, brownies and puddings for sale. Ebony Cooper (CNT) Leah Pressley (CNT)

Source: Woman arrested for selling marijuana edibles at church event

You have 3 months to replace your faulty iPhone battery for $29 before the price goes up

Thursday, September 13th, 2018

Apple just unveiled three new iPhones during its annual September press conference, the three phones we all expected to see Apple announce. But it also killed six models in the process, retiring th…

Source: You have 3 months to replace your faulty iPhone battery for $29 before the price goes up

Navy Sailor Will Be First Woman To Do Pre-Game Coin Toss At Southern Heritage Classic

Saturday, September 8th, 2018

Spectators will see history being made on the field Saturday during the Southern Heritage Classic football game.

Source: Navy sailor will be first woman to do pre-game coin toss at Southern Heritage Classic

Mac Miller Dead at 26 of Apparent Drug Overdose

Friday, September 7th, 2018

Mac Miller dead at 26 of apparent drug overdose.

Source: Mac Miller Dead at 26 of Apparent Drug Overdose

Nappyboy Entertainment artist Sixx Mann holds a kids Nike shoe giveaway

Thursday, September 6th, 2018

The New Orleans artist/entrepreneur/philanthropist and early childhood education center are collaborating on a shoe giveaway in support of Kids and Nike.

The partnership is in support of Nike and its Believe In Something campaign, along with former NFL superstar/activist/philanthropist Colin Kaepernick. Sixx Mann and Creative Kidz believe that together with courageous figures such as Colin Kaepernick, we can effect positive change across the globe, but especially in the United States of America. Sixx Mann says, “By standing up for what is right and for what is just, we can ensure that our kids have the best future possible. We stand with Colin Kaepernick, Nike and all other positive figures, in showing our support for change. There is no better time than now. We must provide the most level playing field possible so that our kids can excel, whether that is in education or just life itself. We must do something now.” Sixx Mann is very active in his community, often volunteering time and resources to assist children and the elderly, along with disenfranchised individuals seeking direction in improving their respective situations. In addition, Creative Kidz’s learning center is also heavily involved in the community, offering a program fostering joy and learning. They offer a tuition free Pre-K program that incorporated two top-tiered research based early childhood learning curriculums, including FrogStreet and Teaching Strategies Creative Curriculum.

Both Sixx Mann and Creative Kidz are cognizant that change should include helping to eradicate police brutality, effecting change in the educational system in the United States to ensure that it is more inclusive (thereby creating learning environments where children from all ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds can excel), creating sustainable jobs/careers, and helping our children to prosper, no matter the background from which they come. These ideals will help to foster an environment where at-risk youth and all others are able to work together to achieve their common goals, while being successful for generations to come. 

Sixx Mann and Creative Kidz are giving away fifty (50) pairs of Nike Athletic shoes (children’s sizes 0-1). Their respective Instagram pages (@sixxmann and @creativekidzmedia) contain instructions on the giveaway and how parents and others can take part.  Only fifty individuals will be selected for this giveaway, which is being held on a first come, first served basis. 

For  more information on the Nike Giveaway, please send a direct message on Instagram to Sixx Mann or Creative Kidz Media.  For details regarding the tuition free Pre-K program offered by Creative Kidz, please send a direct message to their Instagram account. For interviews or appearances in connection with the Nike Shoe Giveaway, please contact Publicist Arlene Culpepper of MIKODreamzPR.  If you would like Sixx Mann to speak at your school or event in regards to this initiative, please send an email requesting his appearance.

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