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(NEW HEAT) Reem – “B4 I Talk My Sh*t the Mixtape”

Wednesday, September 13th, 2017

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We often hear true hip hop fans and historians complain about how there is very little real lyricism left in modern rap music. New Orleans’ own (Hollygrove) Reem is here to fill that void. Co-Founder of 0017th, one of the dopest groups in recent history, Reem is making a name for himself all over the country. His wordplay is unrivaled. His charm and charisma draws fans from far and wide.

Reem recently dropped “B4 I Talk My S*** the Mixtape” to wide acclaim. He is currently touring the U.S. with another New Orleans original, Curren$y, on the Pilot Talk Trilogy Tour. “B4 I Talk My S*** the Mixtape” is an 8-track masterpiece that serves as the precursor to Reem’s soon to be released “Lyke This”.

“B4 I Talk My S*** the Mixtape” is available for download and streaming from all major music retailers, including iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, Google Play, Amazon Music, and hundreds more sites. He will be dropping the visuals to “No Accommodations” later this quarter, so stay tuned for a whole lot more dope music from Reem.


(NEW HEAT) Hollygrove Keem – Never Loved Us (Promo Tape)

Monday, May 22nd, 2017

The words “growth” and “power” come to mind when you think of New Orleans artist Hollygrove Keem.

“Never Loved Us (Promo Tape)” is a 6-track mini-project that serves as the prequel to Hollygrove Keem’s upcoming project, “Never Loved Us”. It is produced in part by super producer KC and features powerhouses such as the late great BTY YoungN, as well as Jay Jones, GreatWhite Stylez, Dash Carrera, and Punn Da Pusha. On April 29th, the world lost an amazing talent in BTY YoungN. His loss has affected Hollygrove Keem and many others who have vowed to make certain the BTY YoungN legacy lives on through his – and their music. One of the cuts off “Never Loved Us (Promo Tape)” is the emotional track “Letter To YoungN”.

Birthed from struggle and polished to diamond-like perfection, this amazing lyricist uses words to paint pictures of his everyday reality. While taking us through descriptions of his world, he manages to shine his bright light. Much can be achieved through hard work and discipline, and Hollygrove Keem is proof of this. His solo work, as well as that with the internationally recognized 0017th, has garnered quite a few accolades, including several NOLA Music Awards.

Hollygrove Keem is becoming a forced to be reckoned with and a lyrical phenomenon. Proof of that can be seen in the sheer number of streams and downloads his work has gotten in recent years, as well as in past media coverage. His most recent retail album is “Cut the Check”, a 13-track project put out by 0017th and one which has been widely acclaimed by critics, fans and music sites. “Never Loved Us” is poised to become another of his works that makes a way for more future greatness.

It will not be long before Hollygrove Keem takes his place among the stars of today’s hip hop music – while aiming for the superstardom that awaits him.

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Heat Exclusive: Fiend Returns with Motivate Chu Video

Friday, December 16th, 2016

Grammy nominated/BMI songwriting award winner Fiend returns with his latest mixtape installment “1st Rolex”. Contrary to popular belief, the rapsy emcee is not literally referring to owning the high-end chronograph. “First Rolex is that first aha moment. That first experience in your own life that you really consider to be special,” said Fiend to the Heat Magazine.  

A No-Limit Records superstar, Fiend also known as International Jones, carries the moniker Mr. Whomp Whomp and Capital FI as a badge of honor. During his humble beginnings, he became professionally known as Fiend due to his love for rapping and writing lyrics. Coincidentally, he pays homage to Rakim, who many refer to as the GOAT, and his classic hit “Microphone Fiend”.

The Heat Magazine had the opportunity to chop it up with Fiend prior to the release of his new Jet Life hosted mixtape. He wanted to lace our readers with his new video “Motivate Chu”, directed by Dexstr8dope.  The multi-faceted artist has been in a reflective mind state lately and his thoughts are accentuated musically. “I’m in a good place mentally. I have clarity on a lot of things in life.”

For all the true Fiend fans and lovers of hip hop, check out the new soulful spectacle here:


(NEW HEAT) BTY YoungN – “I Ain’t Sorry For the Wait” (STREAM ALBUM)

Tuesday, November 1st, 2016
Tracklisting for "I Ain't Sorry For the Wait"

Tracklisting for “I Ain’t Sorry For the Wait”

BTY YoungN is fresh off a NOLA Music Awards win for “Breakout Artist of the Year” – but there’s so much more in store for this amazing young artist. Unique, confident and full of life, YoungN has the ear of the streets. To add to his buzz, he is also making strides in the digital realm. Headstrong and intelligent, YoungN has never been one to shy away from hard work. His “I Ain’t Sorry For the Wait” has been a long time coming and is the precursor to “2nd Feed Up”. The first release in the “Feed Up” series sold over 10,000 physical copies in the streets of Greater New Orleans in just a few short months – proof positive that YoungN is next up!

Curren$y laces the game with “Anybody”

Thursday, October 20th, 2016


Check out the latest spectacle by Curren$y. “Anybody” is denotative and connotative at the same time. Enjoy the Jet Life emcee.

Mr Marcelo Drops New Visual-Godfather

Thursday, October 20th, 2016


Press play and enjoy the new Jet Life visual.

(DOPE HEAT) Misery – “48 Bars”

Tuesday, October 11th, 2016


Misery, the 5 time 106&Park Freestyle Friday champion, is preparing to release a new mixtape.
Having been an entertainer for his entire existence, Misery has been putting in a massive amount of work, including appearances on X Factor & BET’s 106&Park. His mixtape “48 Bars” was released a year ago. His next offering is coming soon. Until then, catch him performing at various venues in and around South Louisiana and the Southern region.

Check out Misery’s BET 106&Park Freestyle Friday battles below:

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Heat Exclusive: Meet J Lyric as he speaks on his latest single “Watch U Leave” and more

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2016

Emerging from New Orleans is J Lyric. His story is one of perseverance and a positive mindset. Growing up in New Orleans, he’s been the victim of violence by losing a brother and cousin. As a result, he has evolved into a lyricist, business-minded artist, and fresh new talent. The Heat Magazine caught up with J and now we unveil an in-depth interview.
The Heat Magazine: J Lyric, tell us about your new release.

J Lyric: Right now I’m pushing my new single “Watch U Leave”. It’s doing pretty well throughout the South right now, I’m gonna shoot the video in Atlanta in a few weeks. Then I’m gonna follow up with this record I just did with Tokyo Vanity called “FaceTime” prod by Cas Major. Later this year, I’m releasing my mixtape “Loyalty Over Love”

The Heat Magazine: What’s the name of your label and who is your manager?

J Lyric: Upper Echelon is the name of the company. My manager is from New Orleans, his name is Busy. His IG and Twitter is @uptbusy.

The Heat Magazine: We notice that you’ve been in a few NOLA Hip Hop Award cyphers. What’s different about your new release in comparison to your earlier work?

J Lyric: My manager has really been pushing me and motivating me to make the best music I can possibly make every time I step in the booth. I’m working like I have a chip on my shoulder and the music is amazing.

The Heat Magazine: You tend to travel to Atlanta, Vegas, and other major cities. What’s going on with you and your outlook on your project?

J Lyric: Yea, I travel to Atlanta once a month to record and politic with the Djs and other artists. My manager also lives in Atlanta. My new mixtape is called “Loyalty Over Love”. It should be out in Aug/Sept. It’s gonna be the best music out in 2016. I’m not being cocky, but my approach to writing every song on this tape is like none other. I can’t possibly see another artist approach this like their life is on the line. That’s my approach!

The Heat Magazine: You seem to be a conscious brother. Who inspires you artistically?

J Lyric: Life inspires me. Just living and growing as a person. I’m inspired everyday by something new. I’m constantly inspired by my daughter and my inner circle.

The Heat Magazine: Growing up in New Orleans as an artist can be intriguing. Explain your perception of hip hop in the Big Easy.

J Lyric: I think it’s great and in some ways it’s getting better. Hurricane Katrina hurt the music scene in ways. New Orleanians were displaced all over Texas and Georgia, so we took our styles out there and others caught on to it. That’s why I love listening to New Orleans 90’s hip hop. We had a certain feel and sound. I look to bring that back along with my originality.

The Heat Magazine: We notice you’re affiliated with the Nation of Islam. Are you a student of the Muslim faith?

J Lyric: I’m not a Muslim, but I have a ton a respect for them and what they’re about. A lot of so called “black leaders” talk about the community, but you can see the NOI is in the streets trying to make a difference.

The Heat Magazine: Imagine being a New Orleans tour guide, what’s your favorite dish in the NOLA?

J Lyric: It’s not Gumbo lol. I’m really not big on gumbo like 99 percent of New Orleanians are. I like the Sean Payton spud at Salads Galore located in New Orleans East. It’s a baked potato with salmon and shrimp inside of it.

The Heat Magazine: What advice do you offer upcoming artists?

J Lyric: God first, hard work and a good team. No matter how much you hear an artist say they’re self made, there’s no such thing. In order to get on a certain level you need a team.

The Heat Magazine: Tell us about your upcoming album, video, and performance schedule.

J Lyric: Loyalty Over Love coming soon – the best mixtape of 2016. It’s such a shame I’m giving it away for free lol. All my upcoming appearances, shows, etc. are on my site.

The Heat Magazine: New Orleans is experiencing political friction in education with charter schools versus public school funding, gentrification, and restructuring of marijuana laws versus the prison industry and its objective in Louisiana. Tell us your concerns about these issues.

J Lyric: I have a daughter so obviously I’m concerned about the school systems and what’s going on. I’m a black male so I’m concerned about the fact that Louisiana locks up more African Americans than any other state. I don’t think that’s an accident.


The Heat Magazine: What is the primary thing you want your supporters to know about J. Lyric as an artist, as a human being, and as a father?

J Lyric: J Lyric as an artist, I’m just trying to provide an alternative for you if you’re tired of every song and every rapper sounding the same and looking the same. I don’t mean mug all the time. I like to smile, eat, and vibe with good people. I’m that cool dad who picks his daughter up from school with the top off his car just because.

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Heat Exclusive: Shamarr Allen Creates His Own Lane With “BandHead” Mixtape

Sunday, January 3rd, 2016



Shamarr Allen has been a musical genius down in the Big Easy. As a trumpeter, his accolades range from performances with Patti Labelle to Lenny Kravitz to Branford Marsalis. While most great  New Orleans musicians tour internationally and consistently play at the Jazz and Heritage Festival, Allen is beyond traditional. He is the first trumpet player to play the national anthem for President Barack Obama.

The Heat Magazine introduces some interesting aspects of Allen’s skill set. His first album “Typical Rock Star” is a fusion of hip hop, brass, and rock often referred to as “hip-rock”. However, the project is sarcastic because Allen professes to be more than a “skinny jeans” artist. Although Allen is highly decorated as a musician and artist, it is his latest work that serves as a great example of his identity.

With Mardi Gras swiftly approaching, Allen presents a new project with additional originality. He pays homage to musicians with his new mixtape “Bandhead”. The mixtape goes into depth about his life and much more.  “Whatever type of music you like, you are a Bandhead.”

Allen begins with a classical groove “Hello New Orleans” for his dedicated listeners featuring musical assistance from Ezell Swing. This will be a favorite among Mardi Gras revelers due to the trumpet, piano, and percussion arrangements.  The Heat Magazine recognizes that it is something extraordinary about Allen’s style and he reveals that when he states “I’m trapping for the trumpets”.

Allen then offers a smooth brassy cover of “Hotline Bling” and sets the tone early on this mixtape with a tight performance. Followed by the title track “Bandhead”, New Orleans and abroad discover the definition of Allen’s blend of rap, trap, and brass. The lyrics are in sync with the melodies screaming from Allen’s horn. “I’m done with these streets, so I trap with my trumpet” motivates true New Orleanians and tells of  his way out as well as many other citizens from the land of the Vieux Carre’.

Later, he entertains the bounce audience with “No One In The World,” a cover of Anita Baker and continues by providing a trumpet version of “Halfway” by Universal recording artist S-Eighty. Allen goes into high gear with his trumpet displaying the depth of his talent on the above mentioned tunes.

The Heat Magazine is impressed by “Nothing But Trouble,” a heartfelt instrumental recording that will relax listeners and entice simultaneously. Allen has created  somewhat of a subgenre between rap and brass and one can only wonder what else will transpire in the future among Allen and other Nola musicians.

Allen closes the tape with “The Hills,” an instrumental cover of the single by The Weeknd and an “Outro” giving thanks to his listeners. Shamarr has the ability to touch both the young and the old listeners.

Visit his website and check out his philanthropic efforts “True Orleans Movement” and more.

Download the mixtape here:





Boosie Speaks The Real On “In My Feelings, Goin’ Thru It”

Saturday, January 2nd, 2016




From Southside Baton Rouge, he stepped in on “Youngest Of The Camp,” and segued into Webbie featured  “Ghetto Stories” and “Gangsta Musik”.  Maintaining consistent sales, Boosie Bad Azz is much more to Louisiana rap listeners. He’s a representative for the urban community. A coveted superstar in Louisiana with a cult-like following, Boosie blew up and kept the mixtape game ringing with hot heartfelt mixtapes. Leading him to national prominence, Baton Rouge’s voice experienced the ebb and flow of being a national star.

Overcoming adversity and enjoying the fruits of his labor, Boosie had what some would label the best year of his life followed by discovering he had kidney cancer. Currently rehabilitating from a successful surgery, Torrence “Boosie Bad Azz” Hatch creates a definitive mixtape/album, “In My Feelings (Goin’ Thru It)” that captures his truest current day emotional state.

In brief, the unadulterated lyrical presentation by Boosie continues to serve as the pure reality of life. One of the key attributes Bad Azz possesses is the ability to present the visual and storyline of true experience.

He begins this project with a melancholy “Rain”. “The struggle of  a young hustler, I could teach you man/ Cancer in and out my body, I can breathe again”.  Moving right into “Cancer”, the banging musical oxymoron with a dreamy soulful track, “I can’t believe this ****, Cancer got me scared like I’m bout to leave this ****”. Boosie spits one of his most profound verses, “Father God, I need answers, Tell me God, how I get cancer?” He continues his testimony and asks “How long I live after my kidney gone?”

While it would be effortless to give our readers a song by song review, The Heat is certain readers will take a thorough  listen to this 10-track narrative delivered  by Boosie Bad Azz.

The Heat Magazine encourages our readers to enjoy Boosie’s latest release.

The album can be purchased on iTunes In My Feelings. (Goin’ Thru It) by Boosie Badazz