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Indie Artist Spotlight: Chicago’s LoudPack Team | @BBELOUDPACKTEAM

Thursday, November 17th, 2016

Chicago Artists, LoudPack Team release their latest single, “We Winnin”

The art of survival is not an easy task while living on the cold hard streets of Englewood. It seems that all young Black men from Chicago are the only ones who have to deal with harassment or ostracism, but the “Loud Pack Team” doesn’t use this as an excuse to press forward. Although violence and gunshots ring out in their neighborhood every hour, the music continues.

The Loud Pack Team are a new strain of Hip Hop, a different kind of lyricism. Over the years, the crew has assembled a total package of musical geniuses, magnetic charisma, and business acumen The team consists of two lyricists, King Bone and Young Flash. Also, Scotty G (songwriter and hype man) contribute to the team’s solid structure.

“Our movement is crazy because our work ethic is incredibly consistent. While you’re sleeping, we’re working and churning out hit songs,” proclaims team member King Bone.

The Chicago-based lyricists are bringing something different when it comes to Chicago music. Their cinematic street dialect, phenomenal wordplay, and witty punchlines set them apart from the competition. The rap crew describes their music as authentic ‘Street Rap’.The ubiquity of this group will stay true because this is what the fans want. They write about their reality and the reality of their peers in the sheisty streets of Chicago. Overall, the goal is to take the listener on a journey into their world without the violence.

“Our fans respect the fact that we are raw and authentic. We want them to feel the power of our movement,” states Young Flash.

LoudPack Team

Determination and perseverance have driven the team to break the monotony and staleness of the current Hip Hop landscape. They are placing blood sweat and tears into their music with visions of grandeur in mind- winning is not an option, it is a goal.

In the early part of 2016, the team released the current single “Ain’t Ballin”, and it is earning unprecedented critical praises in the hip-hop community. Moreover, the visual of the song depicts raw intensity including the message – the life that you say you’re living, it doesn’t exist. It is arguably one of the top street anthems of the year, officially putting The Loud Pack Team on the radar of artists to look out for.

Innovatively, The Loudpack Team are creating a global following with good music, incredible videos, and artistic ingenuity. The next time that you hear the word, ‘Loud’ in any conversation, it will remind you of the team that’s got next from Chicago, LOUDPACK!


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Mr Marcelo Drops New Visual-Godfather

Thursday, October 20th, 2016


Press play and enjoy the new Jet Life visual.

Free World Entertainment Television Launches Video Show

Friday, October 14th, 2016

Free World Entertainment Television launches new video show featuring hot urban visuals. Segment 1 features Fiend, PJ Morton, Devious, Nesby Phips, 3D-Natee, Dappa, Cali Pachino, Kevin Gates, Ghetto Twiinz, Lil Bibby and more.  Press play and enjoy the Heat.

Segment 2 features K. Gates, Devious, Dee-1, Young Greatness, Christian Radke, LG, Hotboy Turk, Hasheem Amin, J Lyric, Tokyo Vanity, Lil Snupe, Daniel Heartless and more. Press play and enjoy the  Heat.

Segment 3 features Shamar Allen, Curren$y, Allie Baby, S Eighty, Mr. Marcelo, Rantz Davis, Brass-A-Holics, Da U Boys, Soulja Slim, and more. Press play and enjoy the Heat. “The purpose of the show is to promote hot independent urban music videos in Louisiana, Texas, Atlanta, and other regions,” stated Free World Entertainment Television.


Let The Foolery Begin: Brass-A-Holics drop new single “April Foolery”

Sunday, April 10th, 2016

Check out the new video by New Orleans go-go/funk  brass band, Brass-A-Holics.

In case you missed their performance this evening at the French Quarter Festival, The Heat Magazine wanted you to get an inside look into the eclectic band and their gig life.



Heat Exclusive: Shamarr Allen Creates His Own Lane With “BandHead” Mixtape

Sunday, January 3rd, 2016



Shamarr Allen has been a musical genius down in the Big Easy. As a trumpeter, his accolades range from performances with Patti Labelle to Lenny Kravitz to Branford Marsalis. While most great  New Orleans musicians tour internationally and consistently play at the Jazz and Heritage Festival, Allen is beyond traditional. He is the first trumpet player to play the national anthem for President Barack Obama.

The Heat Magazine introduces some interesting aspects of Allen’s skill set. His first album “Typical Rock Star” is a fusion of hip hop, brass, and rock often referred to as “hip-rock”. However, the project is sarcastic because Allen professes to be more than a “skinny jeans” artist. Although Allen is highly decorated as a musician and artist, it is his latest work that serves as a great example of his identity.

With Mardi Gras swiftly approaching, Allen presents a new project with additional originality. He pays homage to musicians with his new mixtape “Bandhead”. The mixtape goes into depth about his life and much more.  “Whatever type of music you like, you are a Bandhead.”

Allen begins with a classical groove “Hello New Orleans” for his dedicated listeners featuring musical assistance from Ezell Swing. This will be a favorite among Mardi Gras revelers due to the trumpet, piano, and percussion arrangements.  The Heat Magazine recognizes that it is something extraordinary about Allen’s style and he reveals that when he states “I’m trapping for the trumpets”.

Allen then offers a smooth brassy cover of “Hotline Bling” and sets the tone early on this mixtape with a tight performance. Followed by the title track “Bandhead”, New Orleans and abroad discover the definition of Allen’s blend of rap, trap, and brass. The lyrics are in sync with the melodies screaming from Allen’s horn. “I’m done with these streets, so I trap with my trumpet” motivates true New Orleanians and tells of  his way out as well as many other citizens from the land of the Vieux Carre’.

Later, he entertains the bounce audience with “No One In The World,” a cover of Anita Baker and continues by providing a trumpet version of “Halfway” by Universal recording artist S-Eighty. Allen goes into high gear with his trumpet displaying the depth of his talent on the above mentioned tunes.

The Heat Magazine is impressed by “Nothing But Trouble,” a heartfelt instrumental recording that will relax listeners and entice simultaneously. Allen has created  somewhat of a subgenre between rap and brass and one can only wonder what else will transpire in the future among Allen and other Nola musicians.

Allen closes the tape with “The Hills,” an instrumental cover of the single by The Weeknd and an “Outro” giving thanks to his listeners. Shamarr has the ability to touch both the young and the old listeners.

Visit his website and check out his philanthropic efforts “True Orleans Movement” and more.

Download the mixtape here:





66 Raw and Patchwerk Studios Give Upcoming Artists a Real Opportunity

Monday, December 28th, 2015


It is the dream of any aspiring artist to receive an opportunity to make it in the music industry. Often, dreams are deferred due to a lack of connections or knowledge of the intricate aspects of the music business. 66 Raw and Patchwerk Recording Studios recognize the struggle for upcoming artists and as a result they partnered to create a great competition. The Heat Magazine wanted to inform our upcoming artists that follow our efforts. Join the movement today and take a step out on faith.

66 Raw Radio & Patchwerk Recording Studios present the 50/50 Artist / Producer Competition:

1st Place Prize for Producer & Artist:
A Complete Single and Digital Distribution Deal by the countries most renown recording studios: Patchwerk Recording Studios
This includes the following:
* 2 Hrs of tracking and vocal sessiong with a tracking engineer
* 4 Hrs of Mixiing and Studio time with a Patchwerk Mixing Engineer
* 4 Hrs of Mastering at Patchwerk Mastering Studios
* 200 Duplicated CD’s with On CD Printing
* Fully Paid Travel & Lodging to Atlanta (Airfare, Hotel, Transportation to/from Studio/Hotel)
* A Private Listening Party with performing your single at the studio with special invited A&R, Bloggers and Press for coverage
* Patchwerk Paperwerk – all copyright paperwork service
* You will get UPC & IRSC code
* Registration of Single with BDS, Mediabase, etc music monitoring services which track radio and internet websites
* Copy of your ProTools Session
* Digital Distribution to Amazon, iTunes, Tidal, IHeartRadio, plus many more.
Airplay on 66 Raw Radio global network
Interview on 66 Raw Radio

Are you an artist or producer and wish you could get recognized and get the push you need to make it to stardom?

Only a $100 registration fee will put you in the competition, upload your profile and music then you can promote your profile to gain the most votes for 6 weeks. The winners are the ones with the most votes that they were able to gather. No judges, no bias, simply your work, peers and talent is what will make the difference. So if you get a lot of likes on social media it will be no different just you need to get the most likes on your music.

Plus the winners will be able to perform their single in front of the entertainment movers and shakers as well as network. This is a priceless opportunity for those that are dedicated and are serious about their music career.

Heat Exclusive: New Orleans Rap Artists Are On The Move

Friday, December 25th, 2015

2015 leading into 2016, New Orleans urban artists are active as ever. Eclectically, rap artists from the “Big Easy” gain steam on a national scale with reputable releases.
The Heat Magazine documents the current work and releases of a few of these Nola artists that have offered significant bodies of art for our readers to enjoy.
What makes these artists different? Each artist has a distinct sound and style. From lyrics to music, all of these artists are unique in their own way.
What makes these artists similar? The hustle mentality and New Orleans culture is evident in their music.
The Heat Magazine wanted to highlight the efforts of these artists as they complete a mission without even recognizing it. New Orleans hip hop roster is back with an energy that should account for several great songs and albums in the next few months and years.

Leading the way is Curren$y with his new album “Canal Street Confidential” feat the hit single “Bottom of The Bottle” featuring Lil Wayne and August Alsina. Curren$y doesn’t stop there. He goes on to link with Future, his homie Wiz Khalifa, K Camp, Lloyd, Ty Dolla Sign, Fiend, and Corner Boy P. Curren$y has something for the multi-audience to vibe to.


Canal Street Confidential (Deluxe) by Curren$y

Next up is S-8ighty and his radio/club hit “Halfway” which recently released on Universal Republic. This single has been covered by brass musicians, violinists, and has become a mainstay. Zero to 60 Entertainment, S-8ighty, and Good Money Global continue to release good music for all crowds to enjoy.


Halfway – Single by S-8ighty

Then, we have Young Greatness with “Moolah” produced by Jazze Pha making headlines as a hit and artist to watch. Young Greatness has been busy dropping jewels with Wale’ and several other notable national artists.

Young Greatness-Moolah

Young Greatness-Moolah

Moolah – Single by Young Greatness

Remaining consistent in 2015, Devious returns with a full length album,”Against All Odds”, produced by Cise HD, Niyo of Flight School, and BlaqnMild, featuring the hits “This Life That I Lead”, “Can’t Imagine Myself” feat Kango Slim, “You Sleep Out Here” feat Kevin Gates and “Take The Pain Away” feat Christian Radke. This album is clean from start to finish, musically definitive, and an easy listen for all audiences.

Devious "Against All Odds"

Devious “Against All Odds”

Against All Odds by Devious

Hollygrove Keem and Jay Jones of 0017th hook up with Fetty Wap on “The Zoo” and gain national attention with their collaboration. The beat and lyrics will bring a crowd to the floor or the trap.
Following, they released a hot anthem paying homage to Leonard Fournette. The single made its way to LSU stadium.


The Zoo (feat. Fetty Wap) – Single by Hollygrove Keem & Jay Jones

Sess 4-5 returns with a radio/club hit “Breakfast in Bed” and remains consistent featuring Detroit, 6 War Pook, and Young Sino. Sess 4-5 continues to serve the audience with engaging sounds and feel good music.


Breakfast in Bed – Single by Sess 4 5, 6 War Pook & Young Sino


Sunday, October 25th, 2015

In a city inundated with musical talent covering all genres, it is not uncommon for a renaissance to occur. Particularly in New Orleans, musical geniuses have remained influential. From slavery days at Congo Square to the latest evolution of urban music currently, the Big Easy consistently provides a myriad of great music. Certainly, one can refer to it as “gumbo” because of the multitude of ingredients that provide an extraordinary “flavor” to this “dish” we know as music.
Hip Hop music with a touch of bounce and a dab of brass captures the spirit of New Orleans in its rawest form. The Heat Magazine in association with a primary ear to the street wanted to allow our readers to share in a new form of journalism. How could any music writer capture Nola music in full? This may be a difficult task but we are able to provide a comprehensive playlist of some of the latest and dopest happenings in the home of “Laissez le bon temps rouler”. Our goal is to always cover the hardwork of “creatives”.

Take a listen to the specially crafted continuous mix
“The Love Is Real In New Orleans” (We Are One/Heat Mag Mix) which features:

Devious-This Life That I Lead
Hollygrove Keem and Jay Jones of 0017th feat Fetty Wap-Zoo
BTY Young’n-When We Ride
Ambre Perkins-Pretty
B Assasson-Pots n Pans
Neno Calvin-Day One
Maxx Pain-John Hancock
Fiend-Got It On My Mind feat Armed Rhymery
Young Greatness-Moolah
Jimi Clever-Believe In Me
Blu N Da Biz-Lover feat Kango Slim and Dappa
Lil Cali-Suppose To Shine feat Kevin Gates
Reem-Same Day feat Rock of Da U Boys
BlaqnMild-Feel Special feat Money Mafia
Tchi-Neaux-All I Have
Majesty Sozey-Matter of Time
S 8ighty-Halfway
Hot 8 Brass Band-We Are One

For Promotional Uses Only. All Rights Reserved by featured artists.


K Michelle Twerks To New Orleans Bounce Hit “Gitty Up”

Sunday, July 19th, 2015

The Heat Magazine comes up on unique video. K Michelle twerks to New Orleans Bounce Hit “Gitty Up” by bounce artist Sissy Nobby. Press Play and tell the Heat what you think about her twerky dance moves.

K. Michelle

New Orleans Rappers Release Hot New Singles and Videos

Wednesday, July 15th, 2015

New Orleans artists turn it up a notch and unveil hot new music for our Heat readers to enjoy.  Jay Jones and Hollygove Keem of 0017  link up with Fetty Wap known for his hit “Trap Queen” to create a Hollygrove ode ” The Zoo”. Sess 4-5 returns with “Let Me Find Out” single featuring Noothie and Easy Money along with a hot new video. Sissy Nobby drops new bounce single, “Fever” from his upcoming album “The Hate is Real.” The Heat Magazine wanted our readers to be in the know of the latest bubble in Nola.


Fetty Wap feat Jay Jones and Hollygrove Keem


Sissy Nobby


Sess 4-5


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