Cardi B Will Not Leave Her Newborn Baby For Less Than $300,000, Whats Your Thoughts?

On one hand, this story is a frustrating reminder that we are living in a period of extreme income inequality. As of September 2017, the top 1% “controls 38.6% of America’s wealth,” and the gap is only widening. On the other hand, it’s inspiring to see a new mother make headlines for using her fame and power to return to work on her terms. OK, maybe it’s a little of each hand. The point is, Cardi B won’t leave her newborn baby Kulture for a performance unless you pay her $300,000. (That’s roughly 5x the median household income for a family in the United States.)

Source: Cardi B Will Not Leave Her Newborn Baby For Less Than $300,000, Which Seems Fair?

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