Konfidenze:  Belief in one’s self and one’s powers or abilities, self-konfidenze, self-reliance, assurance, or certitude

Hands down, New Orleans, Louisiana is Mecca for musical talent.

Perhaps The Heat Magazine is biased in that regard, but if you don’t take our word for it, just check out the growing list of musical talent hailing from New Orleans – and while you are at it, add to that list the multifaceted rapper known as Konfidenze – or Konfo for short.

Konfo’s style is unparalleled, in that his musical influences come from opposite ends of the spectrum to mesh together well, creating his unique style.  From studying Bob Marley, to Nas and Lupe Fiasco, to Coldplay and Maroon 5, Konfo’s flow is like none other.

Konfo’s musical career started at age 19, following the devastation Hurricane Katrina wrought on his city.  He accentuated the positive through one of the most negative situations ever witnessed in our country – and mainly by his city – which caused him to parlay his talents into a successful musical career that by all accounts, is just beginning to take off.

Following well received performances and mix tape collaborations with several groups from different musical genres, Konfo realized his versatility caused him to appeal to large audiences – and so it began.

He dropped a couple of solo mix tapes before collaborating with local hip hop duo TNC for a mix tape.  As if that were not enough, Konfo demonstrated his versatility even more by dropping an R&B CD entitled “Radiation Nation“.

Konfo’s latest mix tape is called “Year of the Wolf” and he is currently working on a project called “Aristotle’s Advocate“.  Konfo is no stranger to the city’s most popular venues, having performed at Tipitina’s and The Howling Wolf.  He has also opened for Curren$y and Cory Gunz, two of New Orleans’ hottest hip hop acts.  Konfo’s album is currently set to drop in the fall.

Konfo is known as a hard worker with a lot of determination, qualities that infinitely benefit musical artists as they embark upon long and successful careers in the industry.

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